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Who we are

Solidarity with Uzbekistan is a platform where individuals and organisations who care about Uzbekistan can make a real difference to the lives of ordinary Uzbeks back home. Run by Uzbeks living abroad and set up in April 2020, the platform acts as a reliable conduit channelling funds to those who need them most.

Following the news of the coronavirus outbreak in Uzbekistan, a group of Uzbek expats living in France and UK were motivated to help their compatriots by sending humanitarian aid, initially in the form of PPE and other medical equipment needed to support medical staff trying to tackle the pandemic. Word of this initiative spread quickly and soon Uzbek expats from all over Europe, USA and Canada were pledging their support. To facilitate fundraising and ensure the aid got where it was most needed, it was decided to create a unified platform where individuals and organisations who care about Uzbekistan could donate to a pandemic relief fund.

And so Solidarity with Uzbekistan was born.

SwUZ is now looking to extend its help beyond the initial Covid 19 outbreak to ensure ongoing aid to vulnerable families and individuals during the difficult time ahead.

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to have devastating long-term effects on the country’s economy and the toll on society could be heavy.

Solidarity with Uzbekistan wants to be there to lend a helping hand.

The response to our initial COVID-19 CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN has been so encouraging we decided to extend our charitable work to continue funding projects geared to improving the quality of life in Uzbekistan.

We believe in equal opportunities, community service and giving back to society so in partnership with reliable charities on the ground in Uzbekistan, we hope to fund non-profit initiatives in areas such as healthcare, education, environmental protection and culture.

Our Mission & Purpose

Solidarity with Uzbekistan’s Mission is to unite individuals and organisations around the world who stand in solidarity with Uzbekistan.

We identify and back charitable projects in the field of healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, and culture in Uzbekistan with the support of international benefactors, philanthropists, volunteers and experts.

What we do

Our task is simple: we help people to help people

Solidarity with Uzbekistan is a bridge connecting philanthropists around the world with underprivileged people in Uzbekistan. We act as a trusted platform where individuals and organisations who have been touched by the warm-hearted people of Uzbekistan or by the nation’s unique cultural traditions, stunning scenery, magnificent architecture can find out how to contribute to safeguarding this rich heritage and help some of the most vulnerable people living here.
In partnership with reliable charities on the ground in Uzbekistan, we fund non-profit projects in areas such as healthcare, education, environmental protection and culture.

Our work model is clear and effective

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Our values and principles

Ildar Sadikov


Honesty is in our DNA and we live true to our word

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We pledge full transparency in all our actions and shall not engage in activities where a reasonable degree of traceability cannot be guaranteed



Our decisions are taken objectively and independently of any political agenda, possible personal gain or the interests of individual institutions



We keep communication channels with our stakeholders open, involving them in planning and decision-making, and consulting them on all our negotiations

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We are a volunteer-based initiative and do not tolerate any form of pretence, deceit, or hypocrisy



We shall prioritise projects delivering long-term benefits for our beneficiaries rather than projects of short-term value