Solidarity with Uzbekistan

Solidarity with Uzbekistan is a platform where people who care about Uzbekistan can make a real difference. Run by Uzbeks living abroad, SWUZ acts as a reliable conduit channelling funds to those who need them most.

Our Mission is to identify and back charitable projects aimed at improving the overall wellbeing of society’s most vulnerable, support cultural programmes and safeguard Uzbekistan’s unique environmental balance.

Current projects

COVID-19 Crowdfunding Campaign

SwUZ started as the brainchild of a small Uzbek community living in France and UK who came up with the idea of helping people back home during the COVID-19 crisis through crowdfunding and sending donations. “Ezgu Amal” – a local public Fund was selected as the beneficiary of campaign funds within the framework of the COVID-19 programme in Uzbekistan: collected funds are being channeled to assist people who suffered from Covid-19 as well as to fight the consequences of the pandemic.
As part of the EBRD Community Initiative, every euro donated by the public will be matched by an equal donation from the Bank (to a maximum of 50,000 euros).