SWUZ provides a secure, cross-border giving platform that ensures your donation reaches its beneficiaries safe and sound. Before backing an initiative, we meticulously check each beneficiary and every single project we curate; we won’t embark on a project unless we can guarantee you, our donors, that your money will be put to the best use and our partners are legitimate. Project updates and reports will be emailed to donors unless they have unsubscribed from these emails.

In short, by acting as a guarantor of projects’ legitimacy, SWUZ gives donors confidence, linking worthy causes in Uzbekistan with the wider world. It’s a win-win solution for both parties.

No. Every pound counts, whether you are making a one-off donation or a regular monthly contribution.

Currently donations can be made via the GoFundMe payment gateway. The system accepts any type of international bank card as well as PayPal.

If you prefer to donate using UzCard or wire a transfer directly to a beneficiary’s bank account in Uzbekistan, please contact us and we will provide bank details for your chosen project.

Any. Although the GoFundMe payment system shows mounts in pound sterling (GBP) for our first project, don’t be put off. GoFundMe accepts any type of international bank card, automatically converting donations made using your card currency into GBP equivalent. Conversation rates vary depending on the official rates on the date you make your donation and your bank’s terms for currency conversion fees.

If you want to donate using UzCard or wire transfer directly to a beneficiary’s bank account in Uzbekistan, please contact us and we will provide bank details for your chosen project.

We respect your decision to stay anonymous and guarantee your privacy and safety. Just follow the steps on the GoFundMe website and check the ‘hide my name and comment from everyone but the team and organizer’ right below where you enter your name.

However, you are still required to submit your name and e-mail address so we can keep you updated with project reports so you can keep track of your donation. SWUZ will never share your name or personal information with project beneficiaries or any other third party.

Transparency is one of our core principles so we will send you regular project reports detailing how your donation is being used to help people in Uzbekistan. In addition, we will upload monthly progress reports for each project on our website. That’s two ways you can stay updated and keep track of your donation. Should you have any further concerns about how your money is channeled to projects, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with any information needed.

Donations made by UK taxpayers via GoFundMe for our COVID19 project are eligible for Gift Aid so just check the ‘Help my chosen charity by adding Gift Aid’ box and follow the prompts.

For more information about Gift Aid, please visit the HMRC Gift Aid website.

We recommend donors outside the UK consult their own tax advisor regarding the applicability of any state, local, and foreign tax laws.

Donations are processed through the GoFundMe fundraising platform who then transfer money to our partner NGOs. Every month we calculate the funds each project has raised and wire transfer them to the relevant project coordinators/beneficiaries` bank account. All financial and organizational documents are scrutinized to ensure funds are used for the intended purpose.

With the support of international philanthropists, volunteers and experts, SWUZ implements and assists projects focusing on healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, and culture in Uzbekistan.

To make sure our activities are as effective as possible, we follow a clear and simple action plan:

  1. IDENTIFY projects
  2. ANALYSE relevance and feasibility
  3. SELECT the best options
  4. COLLECT funds and FINANCE projects
  5. FOLLOW-UP implementation and quality
  6. REPORT the results

Donations are processed through a secure third-party gateway, the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform. You can rest assured that your donation is in safe hands thanks to the GoFundMe Guarantee, the first and only guarantee in the industry. On our part, SWUZ will never store or retain credit card numbers. Nor will we ever release your personal information without your explicit authorization. All donations (transactions) are kept private and secure.

No. SWUZ doesn’t give money to individuals, but we do finance good deeds and sustainable projects where both community and/or individual needs are met.

Public NGOs working in the sphere of Health and Social Care, Education, Culture and other relevant Sustainable Development fields are eligible for funding. Each beneficiary and every single project curated by SWUZ is carefully investigated to check they are bona fide, and as an independent charitable platform, we are never influenced by politics.  We prioritize projects that deliver long-term benefits for our beneficiaries rather than ones of short-term value because our mission is improving the quality of life in Uzbekistan, and that is surely a long-term project.

Donation is far from the only type of help you can offer. In this section you can learn about other ways you can contribute, so browse around and choose the best option for you and our beneficiaries.

  • Share information about our platform on your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or your YouTube channel;
  • Add our banner on your website and spread the word about SWUZ, our work, our projects and ways to get involved;
  • Help us out with advice, recommendations or practical help according to your professional skills and abilities;
  • Write and publish an article or make a video report about us and our projects;
  • Create a publication for our site.

If you’d like to get involved or support SWUZ with non-monetary help, please contact us directly.