COVID-19 Crowdfunding Campaign

Solidarity with Uzbekistan started when a small Uzbek community living in France wanted to help people back home during the COVID-19 crisis. The idea was to set up a crowdfunding initiative to raise donations and send them to Uzbekistan. So on 31st March, 2020 a fundraising campaign was launched. Expat Uzbeks living in the UK soon joined in enthusiastically and Ezgu Amal, a local NGO active during the crisis, became our first partner on the ground in Uzbekistan as the beneficiary of funds raised during the COVID-19 campaign. Collected funds are being channeled to assist people who suffered from Covid-19 as well as to tackle the consequences of the pandemic.

News of the initiative quickly spread through the wider Uzbek diaspora and contributions began streaming in from all across Europe, USA and Canada. Grassroots cultural initiatives #dance4uzbekistan and #cook4uzbekistan helped raise awareness for the campaign and many people have been inspired to chip in both financially and by offering their talents. Thanks to a grant from the EBRD Community Initiative, individual donations will be matched by the Bank so we have extended the fundraising target to EUR 50,000 by 1st December 2020.

The potential sum to be used under the auspices of the new initiative would reach EUR 100,000

Key Milestones

31 March 2020 – The start of a fundraising initiative in France and the launch of the “Solidarity with Uzbekistan” campaign

3 April 2020 – The start of crowdfunding in Great Britain under the patronage of the Bilim Uzbek Cultural Centre.

15 May 2020 – application for an EBRD Community Initiative grant

1 June 2020  – approval of the EBRD Community Initiative grant

2 July 2020  – providing air conditioners and infusion pump to cancer centers

26-30 July 2020  – food aid to 500 families in 4 regions


Campaign in action

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